Carol Levin Crystal Therapist

I’m feeling so good and had so much energy afterward and feel really happy,
what a great treatment”
– NK (SA)

Wow, wow, wow …I’m in awe when I feel the work and energy, to be aware of work as its happening is incredible”

– JB (CT, SA)

“My mood has been pretty consistently good so far this week which is unusual….
Thank you”

– LL ( LA,USA )

That was amazing ….love the stones, loved the experience”

– SS (LA,USA ) 

It’s amazing that I felt when you placed the stones in my hands even though we were miles apart, I can totally feel how the treatment calmed me right down. Thank you. I don’t really understand how it works but it did… so grateful”

– DS ( USA)

“Your voice notes are packed with information and it all lines up with experiences
I have been having of late”

– RH (SA)

I’m feeling so grounded and positive. Yesterday (the day of session), I felt so at peace and centred in my body today I feel energised and inspired …”

– BJ ( CT )

It felt amazing, initially strange to be remote , but settled in well. Processed a lot on the table/bed feel so much more balanced huge thank you”

– CD ( Cape Town)

Your work is incredible and authentic and has been making such a difference over the months we have been working together”

– B J ( SA )

Since our session I have felt things have turned around . I am feeling more together, confident and optimistic. I feel like I have “found my voice”

– ZM  (SA)

“ I feel like an observer in this transformation.

I had a really calm day even though it was intense.

I did have good sob which was a surprising release, not about anything, nor anything I needed to name …have to admit I am a reformed sceptic”

– CS (France)